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DiCaprio defends Wolf's decadence

Leonardo DiCaprio has defended the depiction of decadent behaviour in his hit movie Wolf of Wall Street.

The Titanic star plays stockbroker and convicted criminal Jordan Belfort in Martin Scorsese's film about stock swindling and excess, which is based on Belfort's memoirs.

The three-hour film features drugs, sex and debauched parties and Leo says it was true to life.

Speaking at the Oscar nominees luncheon in Los Angeles, the best actor contender said: "There's a lot of disgusting behaviour in this movie and you can see it up on screen. But it was very much a reflection of this culture.

"We wanted this to be a cautionary tale and we wanted to accurately portray this darker nature of our culture. And it was a reaction to what happened in 2008. We as filmmakers wanted to display this part of humanity up on screen."

Leo has worked with Martin Scorsese on five films including Wolf and he said the director never goes easy on a moviegoer.

"Marty's never been a didactic type of director that explains or spoonfeeds an audience what the ramifications of these actions are. He just goes in there and says, "Look. I'm not going to judge these characters. I'm going to show them for what they are" and he purposely didn't cut away to the victims of this type of behaviour."

Leonardo will compete with Matthew McConaughey, Christian Bale, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Bruce Dern for the coveted Academy Award on March 2.


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