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DiCaprio: Directing huge challenge


Actor Leonardo DiCaprio thinks directing would be a hard job

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio thinks directing would be a hard job


Actor Leonardo DiCaprio thinks directing would be a hard job

Leonardo DiCaprio has said he thinks that directing a film would be a daunting challenge.

The Great Gatsby actor told Access Hollywood that directing is something he would like to look into in the future, but that it would be a much more difficult job than his current one.

He said: "I would like to. It's interesting, having worked with people like Baz Luhrmann to Scorsese and seeing all these different approaches they have, how much they include other departments, how much they just rely on their own instincts and have their own attitude about what the movie should be about.

"I don't know what type of director I would be. It would be an interesting challenge because you have to judge so many different factors, it's not just about you and your performance and trying to interact with the other characters.

"You have 15 different department heads asking you questions and studio bosses pressuring you and schedules and things to think about. I think it would be an incredibly difficult job to undertake.

"We'll see, someday down the line I think it'd be pretty interesting."

The actor also told GQ Australia that he thought directing a film might make him obsessive over the end result.

He said: "I get very obsessive when I do movies and it encompasses my life. And I don't know how I'd react to 200 different people asking me questions. I might spiral off into some other dimension of obsessiveness. For now, playing the character and being responsible for myself is what I'm doing."

Later this year Leonardo will star in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf Of Wall Street, where he plays a stockbroker who went to prison for refusing to cooperate in a securities fraud case.