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Didn’t he do well? Some of Sir Bruce’s most famous catchphrases

The TV presenter was known for his catchy phrases throughout his career.


Bruce Forsyth

Bruce Forsyth

Bruce Forsyth

Sir Bruce Forsyth was as famous for his catchphrases as he was for his family-friendly humour and charm.

Here are some of his best-loved lines.

:: “Nice to see, you see you… nice.” – The Generation Game/Play Your Cards Right/Strictly Come Dancing

:: “Didn’t he do well?” – The Generation Game

:: “Cuddly toy! Cuddly toy!” – The Generation Game

:: “Keeeeeeep dancing!” – Strictly Come Dancing

:: “I’m in charge.” – Sunday Night at the London Palladium

:: “Good game, good game.” – The Generation Game

:: “What do points make?” – Play Your Cards Right

:: “You’re my favourites.” – Strictly Come Dancing

:: “You get nothing for a pair.” – Play Your Cards Right

:: “Give us a twirl.” – The Generation Game

:: “I’m the leader of the pack which makes me such a lucky jack. And here they are, they’re so appealing, OK dollies do your dealing.” – Play Your Cards Right.