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Director Barry Jenkins hilariously live-tweets first Notting Hill viewing

The Oscar-winning film-maker kept fans entertained with his thoughts about the beloved rom-com.

Moonlight director Barry Jenkins appeared overwhelmed and admitted he was “shooketh” as he watched Notting Hill for the first time on a flight.

The film-maker, whose Oscar-winning film dominated the awards last year, entertained his Twitter followers with a hilarious running commentary while watching the 1999 romantic comedy, which stars Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.

Jenkins, who was on his third flight of the day, from New York to Los Angeles, kicked off his Twitter thread saying: “In other news, the woman next to me is watching NOTTING HILL. A few choice folks will get the irony of this happening on my last flight of this sojourn. Also… Julia Roberts is STUNNING in this film.”

A few messages later, he revealed he was watching it without sound and asked: “What’s up with Hugh’s character?

“He just made out with Julia Roberts and I’m like… HUH? Julia just looks waaaaaaaay too much for his character in this! But I can’t hear it so maybe he got game? Like English cat game???”

Getting a heads-up from his followers, Jenkins then said: “Okay somebody tweeted me that Hugh owns a bookstore, but… on their first date Julia had that braid AND that onesie body suit tucked into jeans and flat heel boots, she was basically Jay-Lo on IN LIVING COLOR! Translation: TEW MUCH FOR HUGH!!!”

Jenkins later revealed he had been drinking whiskey, as he said: “Okay I maybe should stop drinking I had NO IDEA that woman was in a wheelchair. Like… is that a reveal or did I just miss it??? I mean, obviously this thread is being helped along by our friend Woodford Reserve.”

Another moment saw Jenkins jokingly “protest” about a scene in which Grant’s character was shaving.

“Everybody knows HUGH GRANT DONT SHAVE!!!!” he wrote.

“That dude ain’t NEVER NOT BEEN CLEAN SHAVEN!!! I doth protest!!! English cat game means HUGH AIN’T TO SHAVE BRUH!!!!!”

Several tweets on, after remarking on Roberts’ appearance and a “quasi love making scene” between the two leads, Jenkins said Grant’s character “better be spitting some SERIOUS English Cat Game because that’s JULIA FUGGIN ROBERTS bruh and she is SHO NUFF in this flick!”

As the film reached its climax, Jenkins wrote: “SHE LEFT?! SHE WALKED OUT THE DOOR!!!!!!! THIS MOVIE IS THE SHIT!!!!!

“She’s not coming back, right?! Tell me there’s no epilogue?! And now he’s at an AA meeting?!?!?

“He’s at the… bookstore? And everybody just got into one tiny ass car, I’m shooketh!!!!

“THATS RIGHT HUGH HUMBLE YOSELF!!! That’s Julia Roberts bruh, chase you must!!!!”

After a few more tweets asking what was happening, Jenkins wrote: “Okay I has whiplash they got married she had a premiere the woman in the wheelchair got a FANTASTIC bob and now… there’s kids running around an English park with Hugh reading…. what on earth was he reading to her???”

He added: “It’s over, y’all. I hope this isn’t embarsssing tomorrow…. Two hours closer to LA though, there’s joy in THAT.”

He then signed off, with a laughing emoji: “And FYI, I have no idea what the next film is but it stars Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.

“I’m going to drink some coffee and abstain from tweeting THAT.”

Fans of Jenkins were in hysterics over his tweets, with one writing: “Barry Jenkins drunkenly rambling about NOTTING HILL is more than enough to get me through 2018. #EnglishCatGame.”

Another said: “The joy of Twitter can be found in this thread. The director of Moonlight drunk tweeting while watching Notting Hill over the shoulder of someone on a plane, with no sound. #twittergold #nottinghill #englishcatgame.”


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