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Director Jon Favreau reveals Iron Man 3 plot


Jon Favreau has revealed what he would like for Iron Man 3

Jon Favreau has revealed what he would like for Iron Man 3

Jon Favreau has revealed what he would like for Iron Man 3

Director Jon Favreau has revealed his plans for Iron Man 3.

With Iron Man 2 currently topping the box office, the actor and director told MTV he wants the villain in his next movie to be Marvel character the Mandarin, a martial-arts expert who has superhuman powers that can tear apart Iron Man's suit with his bare hands.

Jon said: "You've got to do the Mandarin - the problem with the Mandarin is that the way it's depicted in the comic books, you don't want to see that."

He continued: "He has 10 magical rings - that just doesn't feel right for our [franchise]. So it's either tech-based, or the rings are not really rings. But maybe with Thor and all those others, you'll introduce magic to that world and it won't seem so out of place."

But while Jon said he is keen to make Iron Man a trilogy he admits all the other planned Marvel movies, with overlapping stories and characters, will affect his film

He said: "Iron Man 3 to pay it off, there's so much left to understand about what the world is going to be like then. You've got Thor, Captain America, Avengers all happening with different directors before Iron Man 3, and that's all going to affect Iron Man 3.

"And what's going to have happened by then?

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"With Thor, you're going to have all this supernatural stuff happening, and magic. There's a lot of stuff going on in the world, if it's going to match the comic book, it's going to be incredibly complex for a film. I'm curious to see how they handle all that stuff."

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