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Director reveals Brooke injury

Brooke Shields enjoyed herself a little too much on a night out with the Chalet Girl crew - and then smashed her knee with a bowling ball, the film's director has revealed.

The actress, who stars in Phil Traill's new teen comedy, apparently had a bit too much to drink when the cast went out for a celebratory night of ten-pin bowling, and ended up badly injuring her knee with the ball.

Director Phil said that despite all the snowboarding stunts and training the cast had to do during filming, Brooke's tipsy mishap was the worst injury that occurred.

He said: "On a night out ten-pin bowling, Brooke Shields had so many drinks that when she was trying to bowl the bowling ball she swung it into her knee. Luckily, because she had had a few drinks, it wasn't until the next morning that she realised how hurt she was. When she flew back to New York, she went straight to the hospital as soon as she landed."

Chalet Girl also features the likes of Ed Westwick, Felicity Jones, Bill Bailey and Bill Nighy and was filmed on the slopes in Germany.

It seems that Brooke's alcohol induced incident wasn't the only injury to come about during filming that had to do with booze. Though he had no snowboarding scenes, Bill Bailey insists that his injury was also pretty bad. He joked: "I caught my finger in the mini bar, quite badly actually."

:: Chalet Girl is released in cinemas on Wednesday March 16.


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