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Director Spooked by Harington ads

Kit Harington has revealed that the director of the new Spooks movie had to keep reshooting his scenes because his face appeared behind him on so many buses.

The Game Of Thrones heartthrob stars in the hit TV show's big screen spin-off, Spooks: The Greater Good, as new character Will Holloway.

His scenes as the young rogue agent had to be halted on Waterloo Bridge as every other bus that went past had adverts featuring his face plastered over the side.

He told Good Morning Britain: "I'd just hear 'cut' in the middle of a really good scene.

"He (director Bharat Nalluri) would say 'your face is in the background mate'.

"So, not great!"

Harington shot to fame as Jon Snow in Game Of Thrones.

The Spooks movie, adapted from the BBC spy drama, opens in May.


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