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Disaster in the pipeline as Top Gear meets Countryfile

The Stig upset filming in the quiet countryside with his high-octane tractor driving.

High-speed engineering will meet nature as hit shows Top Gear and Countryfile come together to revamp the humble tractor next year.

The next series of the BBC Two car show will see Matt LeBlanc and Chris Harris attempt to help out their friends on the BBC One agricultural programme by modifying a farmer’s favourite with a Chevy 500 brake horsepower V8 engine to boost its speed.

Ellie Harris was not impressed by The Stig's countryside antics.

But the apparently genius idea will hit a bump in the road when Top Gear’s resident racer The Stig takes the Track-Tor for a spin on Countryfile’s favourite Gloucestershire farm, disrupting presenters and ruining filming.

Viewers will see him soak Ellie Harrison and gate-crash John Craven’s piece to camera, before bursting through barn doors, performing a string of doughnuts and rounding up sheep.

The footage will be aired on both BBC shows next spring.


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