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DJ Fresh wants Bond theme tune job

DJ Fresh has his sights set on another film soundtrack and this time it is James Bond.

The Louder DJ had his track Earthquake featured in Kick-Ass 2 and said the experience had given him a taste for working on movie music.

On which films he'd love to write for, he said: "Jaws 7! I'd love to do Jaws, but unfortunately that seems to be in the bin.

"James Bond - that would be amazing, if someone gave me that opportunity I'd smash it because I'm so driven."

Asked which vocalist he would choose to work with him on his dream James Bond theme tune, DJ Fresh admitted he was disappointed Adele, who sang on the latest instalment, wouldn't be available but that he had someone else in mind.

He said: "I'd love to work with Shirley Bassey. The thing I love about Bond is the continuity between the soundtrack and all the films."

DJ Fresh, who recently played the Our House stage at V Festival, also had some other big names in mind that he'd like to collaborate with back in the world of music.

He said: "Chris Martin from Coldplay. It's so annoying that they're such a massive band because I just really rate him. Or Fleet Foxes, I listen to a lot of Coldplay and a lot of Fleet Foxes.

"I don't really listen to much music so when I listen to something I listen to it all the time. I love doing something that's outside of my comfort zone and outside of other people's comfort zones so to do something with someone like that would be really interesting because it would be different to what both of us normally do."


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