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Donald Glover posts script for cancelled Deadpool series

The star’s script followed Deadpool as he looked after the world’s last male northern white rhino, Sudan.

Donald Glover has posted what appear to be a script for the cancelled Deadpool television series online.

It was recently announced that the FX network, Glover and his brother Stephen and Marvel were parting company on the animated series because of “creative differences”.

It sparked rumours that US actor and writer Glover was too busy to pen the show, which seems to be behind his decision to share the script on Twitter.

Prior to uploading the pages, he tweeted: “For the record: i wasnt too busy to work on deadpool.”

He then shared several pages from a script which follows Deadpool as he looks after the world’s last male northern white rhino, Sudan. The real Sudan died earlier in March.

The script, which references Taylor Swift, bitcoins and the Beyonce biting saga, appears to have been written after the Deadpool series was canned.

At one point, Deadpool’s lines say: “You know, I’m not made about this whole ‘cancelled’ thing. I actually think it’s a good thing.

“I mean, is it even a good time to have a violent, gun loving white man ranting on TV. Other than the PRESIDENT!”

He also says: “Do you think they cancelled the show… cause of racism?!

“Yeah, but all the writers were black. And the references were pretty black, too. I heard they went over lunch budget ordering Jamaican food at least once a week.” 

Glover and his brother Stephen Glover were set to write and executive produce the comedy series.


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