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Double red carpet duty for Potter star Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe will perform double duty as he promotes his two new films at the opening night gala of Empire Live today.

The star of Imperium and Swiss Army Man will walk the red carpet at The O2 for the double bill premiere at the film and entertainment festival.

In Imperium he plays an FBI agent who goes undercover with a group of white supremacists while in Swiss Army Man he plays a magical farting corpse who saves a suicidal man stranded on a desert island.

Empire Live features a series of screenings, Q&As with filmmakers and live reads and will include the first UK screening of Mel Gibson's new directorial effort Hacksaw Ridge.

Earlier this week Radcliffe ruled himself out of purchasing the house that served as 4 Privet Drive in the first Harry Potter film and which recently went on the market.

He also revealed he will not be attending the stage production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child because he is concerned he would draw too much attention from the audience.


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