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Douglas: Bruckheimer's the greatest

Michael Douglas, Sigourney Weaver, Hugh Dancy and Claire Danes were among the stars who helped Jerry Bruckheimer celebrate his 40-year career in film and TV.

The producer behind blockbusters such as the Pirates Of The Caribbean films and Bad Boys, as well as TV shows like CSI and Without A Trace, was honoured at a star-studded party at New York's Monkey Bar on May 7, said The Hollywood Reporter.

In his speech, Michael poured praise on his collaborator, saying: "Jerry is probably one of the greatest movie producers that has ever lived - bar none. Now, you combine that with being one of the greatest television producers, and I don't think there's anybody who's accomplished what you have in both areas.

"Beyond that, he happens to be one of the most humble men that I have ever known," he added.

In reply, Jerry said: "I've received a lot of compliments in my career but never from someone like Michael Douglas, who's not only a great actor, but a great producer."

Hugh Dancy, who worked with the producer on Black Hawk Down, Confessions Of A Shopaholic and King Arthur, revealed the producer acts like a fan on set.

"Usually, he's there followed by an assistant carrying about eight cameras, and he's just taking photos of this world that he created. I guess what he has is the ability to look at the movies like the people who are going to see them," he said.

He added: "He is somebody who can hold projects of such enormous scope and ambition in his head and still have a preternatural attention to detail. And I've never worked with anybody who comes close to that."


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