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Douglas family affair for Ant-Man


Michael Douglas with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, son Dylan and daughter Carys at the Ant-Man premiere

Michael Douglas with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, son Dylan and daughter Carys at the Ant-Man premiere

Michael Douglas with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, son Dylan and daughter Carys at the Ant-Man premiere

Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas made the European premiere of Ant-Man a family affair as he brought his wife and children back to London.

The 70-year-old star, who plays scientist Dr Hank Pym in the Marvel movie, was joined by Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, 45, and their two children - 14-year-old Dylan and Carys, 12 - on the ant-printed red carpet outside the Odeon Leicester Square cinema.

Leading man Paul Rudd, who plays the titular superhero, Michael Pena and director Peyton Reed also attended the premiere, alongside celebrity guests Jeremy Irvine, Inbetweeners star Blake Harrison and Game Of Thrones actor Isaac Hempstead-Wright.

Douglas, whose mother Diana died over the weekend, said: "I'm excited, this is a nice ending to all the promotional stuff, but most of all I get to share this with my kids, Dylan and Carys, and Catherine, who haven't seen this film. That's really special."

The star of films such as Wall Street, Romancing The Stone and Basic Instinct revealed his son persuaded him to take the role.

"When my 14-year-old saw this script, he looked at me and said: "Dad, you've got to do this film. This is a whole new audience for you', and I told him he should be my agent," he recalled.

Douglas, who threw a few punches as Hank, said he enjoyed the action scenes.

"I always like doing physical action," he said. "Anything in movies is fun to do other than talking so it's always nice to throw a punch or kiss a girl or a combination."

He is hoping this will lead to more action roles.

"I'm hoping they will ask me to get in the costume but I'm not sure yet. It's certainly whetted my appetite to be part of the Marvel world, so we'll see how it goes in the future."

He joked: "I'm all for a prequel myself after seeing myself CGI-ed in the beginning of the movie, 30 years younger, which was incredible.

"Peyton said: 'You'll get a kick out of this'. I had these little dots all over my face and I was looking at it, halfway through the scene, the picture disappeared and there I was, 30 years younger, Romancing The Stone."

Ant-Man also marks Rudd and Pena's debut in the Marvel world. "This has been the ride of a lifetime," said Rudd. "Every step of the way it becomes more surreal and exciting and overwhelming."

The 46-year-old added: "People don't associate me with this kind of movie but me playing a superhero in a Marvel movie is the coolest thing ever."

Pena, 39, added: "So far it's been exciting. I do a lot of dramas and stuff and people told me there will be a different type of fan I normally don't have. These fans really like their Marvel stuff."

Rudd, best known for starring in comedies including Anchorman, Knocked Up and Clueless, praised his co-star and screen mentor.

"Michael brings legitimacy and gravitas. I would have flashbacks of him in other movies halfway through filming scenes," he said.

Rudd, who worked out and went on a diet for a year, said he even enjoyed wearing the superhero's skintight costume.

"I think it's the coolest superhero costume, but I'm biased," he said.

"Wearing it was really awesome. It wasn't uncomfortable and it just made me feel like a superhero. I would stand differently."

He continued: "It took a few people to help me get in to it but it lit up and did all sorts of stuff. It was like a second skin eventually - one that didn't breathe that well but was at least flexible."

Evangeline Lilly, who plays Hank's daughter Hope, was unable to attend the premiere as she is eight months pregnant.

Ant-Man opens in UK cinemas on July 17.