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Downey Jr: Jude and I hit it off

Sherlock Holmes actor Robert Downey Jr has revealed his "love" for co-star Jude Law.

The pair held hands and appeared on the verge of kissing during filming on The Graham Norton Show.

Their relationship blossomed on the set of Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows, which is released on Friday. The sequel sees Holmes reunite with friend Watson to battle criminal mastermind Professor Moriarty.

Robert, who stars as the detective, said: "I love this guy and we had a great time.

"We are both perfectionists and we kept trying to challenge each other and I think it really comes through in the movie. It is a thriller and mystery, but some of it is camp and just plain silly and we like that."

Jude, who plays Watson, added: "We immediately loved the idea of this domestic life with these two guys that live together under gunfire but argue about who turns the light on and off and who does the laundry. That bit us both."

The Graham Norton Show will be aired on BBC One at 10.35pm tonight (Friday).


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