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Downey Jr: Sequels usually 'suck'

Robert Downey Jr has admitted he isn't usually a fan of sequels despite starring in Iron Man 2 and the new Sherlock Holmes film.

The Hollywood actor told The Graham Norton Show that Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows was better than the first Guy Ritchie film about the literary sleuth.

The actor said: "I hate to say it but sequels normally suck and this one doesn't."

He added: "It is a thriller and mystery but some of it is camp and just plain silly and we like that."

Jude Law - Dr Watson in the films - told the chat show about a painful moment involving his co-star on the set of the new film.

He said: "It was after an explosion and there were rubber bodies strewn around in impossible twisted positions covered in blood and Robert says, 'Watch this, it will be hilarious' and stamps on one of the hands and an extra jumps up in pain and says, 'For the love of God!!'."

Robert added: "I was scared, but the guy said, 'May I say what an honour it is to be stamped on by the great Sherlock Holmes'.

"In America he would have said, 'Lawsuit!'

"I was shocked and I felt really bad as it was a horrible misjudgment but then I saw Jude and he just looked at me and we couldn't stop laughing for an hour."


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