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Downey mixes business and pleasure

Robert Downey Jr reckons working with his wife on film sets helps them keep the relationship healthy behind closed doors.

The star, who married producer Susan in 2005, joined forces with his wife for new film Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows, the sequel to 2009 box office hit Sherlock Holmes.

"The Mrs and I, we're buddies. We'd rather work together than not work together," he explained.

"But when you're married to someone who's central on a production, you have to make sure that anyone who's part of that experience doesn't wish that the two of you would stop working together immediately.

"It puts a lot of responsibility on making the relationship healthy, which is good."

Robert also admitted he did have his concerns about the follow-up, which sees his character reunite with friend Watson to battle criminal mastermind Professor Moriarty.

"The bar was pretty high in the first one, which bothered me because I thought, 'If we don't beat this or do something new or different, I'm going to be miserable'," he said.

:: Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows is in cinemas now.


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