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Downton fridge caused royal stink

Downton Abbey star Sophie McShera has revealed the period drama's new fridge could have thrown a spanner in the works during the Duchess of Cambridge's visit.

McShera, who plays kitchen maid Daisy in the hit ITV drama, said how excited she was to meet the real-life duchess when she visited the set at Ealing Studios last week and was given a tour of the kitchen.

Hugh Bonneville previously revealed that as the show moves into 1925 for the sixth series, the latest "modern technology" to be installed is a refrigerator.

McShera, speaking at the premiere of Disney's new Cinderella movie, said of the Duchess's visit: "I t was brilliant. She was so nice, and so pretty. I was just like 'She's so pretty!'.

"She was really kind and lovely and she loves Downton. She knew who we were. I showed her around and showed her my new fridge, it was very exciting."

She added: "But because it's not a real fridge, things keep going off in it, so it's really smelly. The props boys are in trouble."

In Cinderella, directed by Sir Kenneth Branagh, McShera plays Drizella, one of the wicked stepsisters, while her Downton co-star Lily James is the fairytale princess.

McShera admitted she relished the role reversal of having James, who plays Lady Rose in Downton Abbey, wait on her for once.

She said: "It was really fun. I think I had a bit too much fun bossing Lily around. But we had such a nice time together and sometimes, if I was too mean to her, I had to run over when they shouted 'Cut!' and apologise, because she looked so sad.

"But she thought it was hilarious, and she didn't have as bad a dress as I did on Downton so I didn't feel too sorry for her."


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