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Drew and Justin 'have chemistry'

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long have an "amazing chemistry" according to Going The Distance director Nanette Burstein.

The on/off couple met while filming He's Not That Into You and co-star as a couple in a long-distance romance in their latest movie.

Nanette revealed: "Drew and Justin are incredible actors but they also have this amazing chemistry on screen so it was a great pleasure working with them."

Drew, 35, was editing her directorial debut Whip It in between filming Going The Distance on location in New York but Nanette said she slipped back into the role of actress with ease.

She said: "Drew's extremely respectful of her role but she also has an understanding of the process that a lot of actors don't, which is helpful as a director. When you ask her to do certain things she understands the reason, when it comes to the edit room or schedule, because she can see the whole picture."

Drew revealed she didn't have a problem stepping back out of the directors chair, to be in the movie.

She said: "It was great because Nanette's an awesome director, so I was thrilled."


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