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Drew's gift for pregnant Christina

Drew Barrymore has hinted that she bought Christina Applegate a rude gift to congratulate her on her pregnancy.

The Anchorman star plays Drew's older sister in new romantic comedy Going The Distance, and after battling breast cancer in 2008 the 38-year-old is now expecting her first child with musician Martyn LeNoble.

Drew said: "It's the best. I sent her a very funny gift which I can't tell you about! But I'm very happy for her."

Justin Long, who co-stars in the film as Drew's long-distance boyfriend, was also delighted for Christina.

He said: "It's so great. She's the best and no one that I know is more deserving after what she's been through. She's been through a lot and I'm so happy for her.

"And Martyn, she's got an awesome husband. He's missing a tooth but he doesn't care. He rules."


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