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Dreyfus' Gandolfini film tribute

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has led tributes to her late co-star James Gandolfini at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The Sopranos actor died from a heart attack in June after completing his final film, Enough Said, in which he stars with Julia and Toni Collette.

Speaking at the film's Toronto red carpet event, Veep actress Julia said: "Being here today is of course bittersweet because I wish I had him on my arm and we were celebrating this triumph.

"I think this film is so unbelievable for his legacy because it's a film in which he plays a character who is dear and earnest and thoughtful and kind and self-effacing, very close to who James was as a person."

Toni added: "He's already so missed and to have an opportunity to watch him work again I think will be a bittersweet but mostly delightful thing for his fans."

The film's director Nicole Holofcener also talked about her fond memories of working with James: "He thought I was a pain in the a**, but you know, I thought he was a pain in the a**, I adored him."

Another of the film's stars, Tracey Fairaway, said: "It's hard to think of somebody in past tense when that wound is still so fresh because he was such an exuberant man who was so alive and so energetic and his soul was bigger than his body."

Enough Said, a comedy about a divorced woman who finds out the man she is pursuing is her new friend's ex husband, is due to be released on October 18.


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