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Drifters - Inbetweeners style film?

The writers of hit sitcom The Inbetweeners have said they would love to see a female take on the film spin-off.

Damon Beesley and Iain Morris wrote the TV series about four boys going through their final years of school, as well as both Inbetweeners movies, and directed the latest film.

They also produce Drifters, another E4 series about a group of women who have just finished university, and said they would like to see the Drifters take on a holiday film of their own.

Damon said: "We make a show as well called Drifters which is with three of the actresses from the first film and I've often said to Jessica Knappett who writes that, 'I can see the same path ahead of you, I can see these girls going on holiday.'

"I'd love to see the female perspective of the first movie of the European holiday and see how that goes down. Obviously we're very comfortable with the male friends environment, so yes, maybe, who knows. Get writing, Jess."

The Inbetweeners has also spawned a US version of the show, but Damon and Iain said they hadn't had much to do with making it.

Asked if it was like handing over his baby to someone else, Iain said: "Absolutely like that. It's hard to give it away, but also babies are a bit annoying at times as well, so it's quite nice for someone else to have it for an afternoon."

Damon said of what they were planning next: "We need to sit down, talk to each other, see if we can make each other laugh in a room again which is what it's like when it's at its best, the two of us trying to make each other laugh."

The Inbetweeners 2 is in cinemas now.


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