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Dujardin finds voice in comedy

Jean Dujardin could be making a noise in French comedy Le Petit Joueur.

The French star, who scooped the coveted best actor Oscar for his performance in silent movie The Artist, may be heading back to his roots as he reunites with the sketch comedy troupe that launched his career, Nous C Nous, said The Hollywood Reporter.

He is thought to have a role in the upcoming comedy, which translates as The Little Player in English, which is about a jobless man who decides to take part in a poker tournament organised by a billionaire.

Jean's real-life wife Alexandra Lamy is also set to appear in Le Petit Joueur, as well as the other members of Nous C Nous, Bruno Salomone, Eric Massot and Eric Collado.

Jean, who is best known as a comedian in France, is apparently preparing for romantic thriller Mobius, which starts shooting in the summer.


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