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Dunst: I was intimidated by Viggo

Kirsten Dunst has confessed she felt intimidated meeting Viggo Mortensen, her co-star in new movie The Two Faces Of January.

The 32-year-old Melancholia actress and the 55-year-old Lord Of The Rings heartthrob play glamorous American couple Chester and Colette in the period suspense thriller, based on the book by Patricia Highsmith.

Kirsten said: "I knew Viggo was attached [to the project] and I've always respected him as an actor. I was intimidated by him. He's so beautiful and he said, 'It's very nice to meet you' in this very low voice, but he's actually so funny."

Director Hossein Amini found the complex Colette the most difficult to cast, but when Kirsten expressed an interest, he agreed to meet with her and was instantly won over.

"I think he decided he wanted someone with a little more worldliness about her [than the character in the book]," she said. "And I think Viggo and I work as a couple, it's not gross in any way [despite the age gap]."

And Kirsten said t was imperative to her that Colette wasn't simply arm candy. Not only because it wouldn't be conducive to the emotional arc of the story, but because it isn't appealing for her to play or for audiences to watch. "Their dynamic wouldn't be as interesting," she said.

"I like female characters in movies and TV shows," she said, referencing Jane Campion's TV series Top Of The Lake, and the recent comedy by Dolly Wells and Emily Mortimer, Doll And Em.

"I crave that stuff. I love watching women in film."

:: The Two Faces Of January is in cinemas now


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