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Dunwoody ‘affected by falling off horses’

Richard Dunwoody was obviously out of his comfort zone with the waltz - nervous, tense and very apologetic in his performance.

To create a smooth and balanced waltz, he needed the correct posture with a long back, knees slightly flexed and the body weight over the front of the feet.

Movement and lowering must be used in unison to avoid the dreaded bum dropping to the floor as seen with Richard’s performance. Years of injuries from falling off horses also affected his ability to correctly lift his arms, creating an awkward top line.

His neat frame and wiry figure did create an elegant look and that would have given him a good opportunity to improve, if only the public allowed him that chance.

Latin American dancing is for exhibitionists — show offs who are comfortable to be the centre of attention and have no fear of the hip action and proximity to their partners.

Once again, this cha-cha was a disaster, wooden, lacking any hip movement and the timing out of control. It should have fluid hip movement that flows like water from a tap and not in spasm.

Alan Clarke, of the Clarke School of Dancing in Belfast, is a fellow of the National Association of Teachers of Dancing and a fellow of the All-Ireland Board of Ballroom Dancing

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