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Duris: Easy to love Vanessa Paradis

Heartbreaker's Romain Duris has said it was easy to act being in love with co-star Vanessa Paradis, because he liked her so much.

The 36-year-old French actor stars opposite Johnny Depp's other half in the romantic comedy, in which he plays a professional relationship breaker, hired by Vanessa's character's father to break up her engagement by making her fall for him instead.

Romain said: "It's hard to create this kind of chemistry - whereas if it's already there it is just a matter of pushing it up one notch.

"If you like somebody, playing love is just like pushing it up one or a few degrees more and I think Vanessa, you know, we're the same age bracket, we have common tastes, it was just easy."

He added: "We really clicked, we really worked well together. We liked each other. And I was really really very lucky, because we had the great working atmosphere and by the time of shooting I'd worked on many different kinds of films and I've really come to realise that that's something that the director cannot summon; if there's not a sense of complicity of getting along, of understanding each other between actors, it's just much more difficult."

::Heartbreaker is released on DVD and Blu-Ray from November 22 2010


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