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Dyer: Helen Mirren can play my mum

Danny Dyer has said Dame Helen Mirren could be playing his mother in his latest film.

The hardman actor made his debut opposite the Oscar-winning actress, playing a homeless boy in Prime Suspect 3 almost 20 years ago, and wants to be reunited with her on the big screen.

Danny has signed up to star in new film The Most Dangerous Girl In The World, with Ray Winstone playing his dad, and he hopes Helen will play his mum.

He said: "I know Ray's signed up. They're trying to get Helen Mirren to play my mum.

"What a dream team that would be! I love that woman, love her dearly."

The project is already a reunion for Danny and Ray.

He explained: "I worked with him about four years ago in a thing for Channel 4 called All In The Game, he played by dad in it.

"And he's going to be playing my dad again in The Most Dangerous Girl In The World.

"He's terminally ill with cancer and he wants me to go and run a few last errands for him before he dies. Which is basically going to find the woman that he was having an affair with throughout his marriage. It's really heartfelt, totally different for me and Ray."

Danny next appears as a serial killer who escapes from prison and kidnaps an unsuspecting nurse in new thriller Deviation, which is released on February 24 and available to own on DVD on February 27.


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