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Dyer queasy over real-life shows

Danny Dyer has revealed that watching medical procedures on TV can make him a bit nauseous.

The actor, who tends to play the tough guy on screen, admitted that even seeing babies born can reduce him to a squeamish wreck.

"I love horror. I'm not good at things like Embarrassing Bodies and One Born Every Minute," he said.

Danny, who has three children with partner Joanne, continued: " I've just had a child myself and bless her, what she went through. Why you want to watch that while you're having your dinner, I don't know.

"I've seen it three times with my own children and it's the most beautiful thing but I can't watch anything to do with surgery and stuff. I can't think of anything worse than sitting there watching that while you're eating your profiteroles. Never again."

The 36-year-old plays special ops interrogation officer Jimmy Vickers, who exacts revenge on his parents' killers, in his latest film, Vendetta.

"I know it's dark and quite a horrible image but it's fun to play that stuff," he said.

"It's interesting to play because I'm a sad character in the film. I'm grieving and the only time I come alive is those moments when I smile when I torture people."

:: Vendetta is in cinemas on November 22, and will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on December 23.


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