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Dynamo: New magic has helped me deal with the pain

The star was unable to even shuffle cards at times.


Dynamo (Ian West/PA)

Dynamo (Ian West/PA)

Dynamo (Ian West/PA)

Dynamo has discovered a new approach to performing magic following his recent illness.

The 35-year-old was unable to even shuffle cards at times after ending up in hospital as a result of food poisoning, combined with his Crohn’s disease.

He is now preparing to perform in the UK for the first time since the illness, in 2017, forced him to step away from the stage.

Dynamo, whose TV shows were seen by millions of viewers worldwide, will be debuting his new “close-up magic” in a small, underground, purpose-built theatre, The Abandoned Room.

“Creating this show has given me something else to focus on. It’s helped me deal with the pain,” the magician told the Press Association.

“Magic has always done that for me over the years. It’s the thing that makes me feel most alive…

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“Because of illness I’m trying to almost recreate my approach to magic. There are certain limitations because of what I’ve had to go through and it’s caused me to learn new things.”

Dynamo said the smartphone made a magician’s job more challenging.

“The rise of technology and the way the world is right now, it often makes it a little bit harder.

“People have a device in their pocket, you press a button and food comes to your door. You can do anything and get answers to anything on Google.

“There is more access to information than when I was a teenager and I think because of that it’s a lot harder to surprise people,” he said.

His new show, Time Has Gone For Honest Men, will take place underneath the opulent halls of The Mandrake Hotel in central London.

It will be unpredictable, Dynamo said, because of the small size of the venue.

“You will be within touching distance. You are part of the show. It’s an immersive experience,” he said.

“There is a certain level of unpredictability and you can’t get that in a stadium or from watching something on TV.

“No two shows will be exactly the same…”

Dynamo will be the first performer in residence at The Abandoned Room, at the Mandrake Hotel, London, from November 15.

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