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'Early days' for Captain America 3

Captain America directors Anthony and Joe Russo have revealed that work on the third film is already under way, days before the sequel is released.

The film-making brothers, who directed the first film and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, confirm they are "attached" to the next instalment, which will hit screens in 2016.

"We are attached to the third film. It's very early stages but we are working on the story," Joe said.

But he teased: "The one thing we will say is that when you see this film, you'll see that the Winter Soldier's story is not finished so you can take what you want from that."

They also said they are not worried about going head-to-head with the Man Of Steel sequel, which is also slated for the same release date of May 6, 2016.

"When two cars are speeding at each other, one of them has got to veer out of the way at some point," Joe joked.

Sebastian Stan - who has reportedly signed a nine-picture deal with Marvel Studios to play Bucky Barnes and his alter-ego, the Winter Soldier - also hinted about exploring more of his character's past in the third film.

The Romanian actor said: "You don't get a chance all the time to play a character that's so multi-dimensional. He's got such an interesting arc in the comic books and I feel we have only scratched the surface so far.

"I'm up for whatever these guys want to do. I had a great time working with them, I love both of these directors, so (I'll go) wherever they want to take it next."

:: Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens in cinemas on March 26.


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