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EastEnders fans cannot wait to see what drama Lisa Fowler’s return will bring

Viewers are already on the edge of their seats for her reunion with Phil Mitchell.

EastEnders fans are already thrilled about the drama to come after Lisa Fowler made a shock return to the soap on Friday night.

Lisa (played by Lucy Benjamin) made her first official comeback in 15 years as she rushed to see her daughter Louise, who was seriously injured at her prom.

Her disappearance in 2002 came after her explosive relationship with Phil Mitchell and his family eventually finding out that she was the one who shot him.

Lisa appeared at the hospital ward door just as the credits were about to roll, and viewers cannot wait to see what happens next.

Some took to Twitter with excited “Yes!” comments, while one wrote: “bring on the showdown with Phil next week!” and another added: “Cue plenty of cat fights with Sharon.”

The show’s creators have already promised that “fireworks” will fly when Lisa and Phil (Steve McFadden) meet again, as she continues her temporary comeback stint for the next few weeks.

EastEnders continues on BBC 1 at 8pm on Monday.


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