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EastEnders fans in tears as Ted bids farewell to dead wife Joyce

The soap character has been dealing with her unexpected death.

EastEnders viewers were left sobbing over Ted Murray’s grief following the unexpected death of his wife Joyce.

The pensioner, played by Christopher Timothy, has been coming to terms with his sudden loss.

After breaking a vase that belonged to her in Friday’s episode, he finally broke down in tears.

He eventually took comfort from his neighbours after the residents of Albert Square arranged a memorial for her in the Queen Vic and Ted raised a glass to his wife.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “Omg, poor Ted it’s like delayed reaction I have to admit, that’s the best acting I’ve ever seen from Christopher Timothy.”

Another said: “When Ted broke the vase belonging to Joyce, I literally couldn’t stop crying.”

One more added: This is awful Ted not being able to give his wife the send off she deserves.

“Him not even being there to say goodbye. He is so broken Nobody deserves this … This is breaking my heart.”


EastEnders continues on Monday on BBC One at 8pm.


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