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EastEnders: It weren't awight on the night down Albert Square way

By Victoria O'Hara

The pressure of performing in the first live episode of EastEnders appeared to get to a number of its stars as one of the soaps biggest storylines came to an end to mark the show’s 25th anniversary.

Over 16 million viewers tuned in across the country to watch as the killer of Archie Mitchell was finally revealed as Stacey Slater.

But during the 30 minute ‘whodunnit’ show a number of bloopers happened in the much anticipated episode.

A nervous Scott Maslen, who plays ex-police officer Jack Branning, stumbled over his lines in the opening scene.

And Charlie Clements, whose character Bradley was dramatically killed off, moved his hand just moments after his on-screen death.

Lacey Turner — who plays Stacey Slater— shouted “Charlie” instead of Bradley as he fell from the building.

Meanwhile June Brown, known to millions as Dot Cotton, forgot the name of her character’s granddaughter.

And Ian Beale — the only character left to have appeared in the first episode in 1985 — shouted at his on-screen enemy Phil Mitchell to “slop it” instead of “stop it”.

A number of other minor glitches were also spotted, including Max Branning, who is played by actor Jake Wood, attempting to make himself sick after the death of his on-screen son.

Meanwhile, Samantha Womack, who plays Ronnie Mitchell, revealed she forgot to pay for her shopping during a live scene in the Mini Mart.

The special episode, which was the culmination of a long-running plotline, featured 51 members of the cast who had been rehearsing for three days.

Lacey Turner said she was only told 20 minutes before the live transmission that she was the murderer.

Speaking about the huge number of viewers, Diederick Santer, EastEnders’ executive producer, said: “This rating is the icing on our silver anniversary cake.”

In 1986, a record-breaking 30.15m viewers watched the Christmas Day episode, in which Dirty Den handed Angie divorce papers.

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