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Eckhart: Frankenstein's 'cool'

Aaron Eckhart has revealed how he never imagined he would play Frankenstein.

The Battle: Los Angeles star is set to take on the monstrous role in I, Frankenstein, which he describes as a "modern take" on the classic story.

"Just the fact that I just said, 'I'm playing Frankenstein', is something I never imagined. There's no rhyme nor reason," he told Collider.

Aaron - who also stars in The Rum Diary opposite Johnny Depp - said I, Frankenstein could be more of a action adventure than a horror.

"It's not a docu-drama of Frankenstein. It's not an insightful look into his soul. It's more of an action movie, really. But, it will be cool," he continued.

"Frankenstein is an intelligent, evolved man, and that's how he is portrayed in this movie, for sure. In the book, he's very evolved. Somewhere in time, Frankenstein got dumbed down.

"He is a beast, but somewhere he lost his heart. I don't know how much heart we'll be able to get into it," he added.


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