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Eckhart: Villain role is tricky

Aaron Eckhart has said creating a villain on the big screen is no easy task in Hollywood these days.

The actor, 45, stars with Gerard Butler in new movie Olympus Has Fallen, in which North Korean terrorists tear down the White House.

Aaron, who plays President Benjamin Asher in the thriller, admitted that the influence financers now have on big-budget films means that it's become difficult to choose the nationality of the bad guy.

"We have a big Hollywood machine... Who do you pick for the bad guy these days? Hollywood's no longer an American event. These movies are funded by India, China, Russia, Venezuela - and one of their stipulations is, 'We're good guys'," the star said.

Aaron, who has been in the business for 20 years, is preparing to produce his first movie in Colombia.

Based on the novel White Cargo, the film depicts a father "who has to go into hell and get his daughter back", and Aaron and his team are hoping for funding from the troubled country.

"We'll see what they say about us going in and just trashing [them]," the actor said.

Olympus Has Fallen is released in cinemas on Wednesday April 17.


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