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Ed Balls says his suits are getting a 'bit tight' after finishing Strictly

Ed Balls said dancing 40 hours a week for Strictly made him shed weight.

Ed Balls has said his suits are getting a “bit tight” now that he has finished Strictly Come Dancing.

The former politician, 50, slimmed down during his turn on the BBC programme, but admitted he has packed on a few pounds since hanging up his dancing shoes.

He said on Loose Women: “I’ve never worn this suit before, but I got it just in December, at the peak of my Strictly… and it’s um, it’s a bit tight.

“I’ve slightly thickened out.”

Ed said he is aware people have noticed he is putting some of the weight back on, but added: “If you dance for 40 hours a week then you lose weight, and I can’t carry on doing that.”

Asked whether he was body confident, he said: “Everybody worries about are they getting fatter all the time, I worry about it partly because I want to be healthy.

“When you go to the doctor they always say, ‘If you lose a little bit of weight that would be better’.

“But it’s also who I am. And my mum would say I’ve always been heavy-boned.”

Ed said he was slightly taken aback by one photo a few years ago, which showed his shirt riding up as he warmed up for a football match.

“The first time I saw this picture in the Daily Mail it was quite shocking,” he admitted.

“But then I think it struck a chord with middle-aged men and their wives up and down the country, because that’s actually sort of what we look like really.”

Asked if he finds the criticism hurtful, Ed said: “It all depends how it is done.

“Because if I see a picture it just looks like me, so it doesn’t hurt me, but if you then have comments around it saying, ‘He’s fat, he’s ugly, what the hell does he think he’s doing’, then that can hurt.”


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