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Edgar Wright set for Collider?

Edgar Wright is in talks to direct and write sci-fi drama Collider.

The Shaun Of The Dead star could be teaming up with screenwriter Mark Protosevich for the upcoming film, which would be produced by JJ Abrams and Nira Park, reported Deadline.

While details of the storyline are under wraps, it is rumoured that it could feature an intrepid group of web journalists who unite to save the world.

Edgar - who shared writing credits with Joe Cornish and Steven Moffat on Steven Spielberg's The Adventures Of Tintin - is busy with the final film in the "blood and ice cream trilogy" with Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, which was given the green light earlier this month.

The sci-fi comedy, titled The World's End, will reportedly follow five childhood friends who reunite 20 years later to complete an unfinished pub crawl.

Edgar explained: "This is as much about where you grew up as the people you grew up with... it's also very silly. I would say it's darker, more personal and more silly. It's a sci fi comedy."


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