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Edgerton: Warrior training tough

Joel Edgerton has opened up about the tough training regime he went through to transform his body for Warrior.

The Australian actor plays teacher and former fighter Brendan Conlon, who's drawn back into the world of MMA after turning his back on it years before.

He revealed that he and Tom Hardy, who plays his younger brother Tom, were thrown into a punishing routine to prepare for the film.

"We got to Pittsburgh two months early and we were sent into seven am until four or five in the afternoon, six days a week, intensive training, surrounded by the stunt team and the fighters," he explained.

"It was just this kind of wonderful atmosphere where these guys were coaching us through the experience, learning Muay Thai skills and Ju-Jitsu skills and difficult choreography, lifting weight and eating truckloads of food."

The 37-year-old continued: "The hard bit came when we started shooting the actual movie, it was like, 'oh we've got to film a movie, and stay in this training regime somehow.' It was tough."


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