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Efron: High School Musical was fun

Zac Efron says he doesn't mind still being asked about High School Musical - despite the fact that he's now moved on.

He told ITV1's Daybreak that he had nothing but fond memories of the TV films.

The US star said: "It's lovely to reflect. I'm very, very grateful for those days - they are some of my fondest memories and I'm still very close with all my friends.

"We get a good laugh every time we see it come on TV or anything like that," he added.

He said of the experience: "It was fun, it was about celebrating life... it was a really uplifting time in our lives."

Zac is about to appear in New Year's Eve, which also stars Robert De Niro, Hilary Swank, Ashton Kutcher and Sofia Vergara.

But he said it was just one name that made him sign on the dotted line - Michelle Pfeiffer.

He said: "I had the chance to work with her on Hairspray, but I was very young and I was a little bit nervous to work with her, so I tended to say all the wrong things and I was very bashful around her.

"When I found out that she wanted to play this role, I was in 100 per cent, and it was really great."


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