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Efron: I cried over Toy Story 3

Zac Efron has confessed he's not too manly to cry at heart-wrenching movies.

Efron, who stars in new romantic drama The Lucky One, admitted he was reduced to tears by the likes of Toy Story 3.

"A movie that makes me cry? Titanic got me," he admitted at his film's Los Angeles premiere. "Toy Story 3 got me - did you see that? It was gnarly."

The former teen heartthrob stars as Marine Logan in his latest movie, which is adapted from a novel by Nicholas Sparks, author of Dear John and The Notebook.

He underwent intense training to gain muscle and make his character more authentic.

"It was a challenge, but that was exactly what I was looking for," he explained.

"I don't think this job should be easy, and I work every day to find roles that are going to be a challenge, that are going to help me to grow as an artist and an individual, and that was what I found with this role."


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