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Efron: I wrote love songs for girls

Zac Efron has revealed he used to write songs to impress girls and is a firm believer in love at first sight.

The 25-year-old heartthrob - who split from long-term girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens in 2010 - stars in The Lorax as a boy who falls in love at first sight and gives his dream girl a tree.

Zac said: "Do I believe in love at first sight? For sure! I hope so. It seems like a brilliant idea.

"When I was young we would do all sorts of crazy things [to impress girls], we used to do goofy stuff like write songs. Would I bring her a tree? I don't think it would work as well as in the movie. I think it would be really awkward. She might not take it so well!"

After starring with Taylor Swift and Danny DeVito in the animated adaptation of Dr Seuss's book, Zac revealed he tries even harder to live a green life.

He said: "Especially now after playing this role and being a part of this movie. You can never do enough. I try, where I can, to do all the small things. My house is relatively energy-efficient. I take short showers! I pretty much run a paperless household, more or less.

"I find that there is always more that you can do, so I am going to try more of those opportunities."

::The Lorax is out on DVD and Blu-ray on Monday November 19, 2012.


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