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Efron love scene on heated grass

Charlie St Cloud star Amanda Crew has revealed her love scenes with Zac Efron were cosier than they looked - as the grass they cavorted on was heated.

Amanda, who plays a world-class sailor in the drama based on the novel by Ben Sherwood, also told the grass was fake.

"That grass was actually fake turf with a heater underneath," she laughed. "Because it was so cold and we knew we were going to be lying on this grass for quite a number of hours, they brought in fake grass and put in heaters underneath it. I think it was those heating blankets or something so that we could stay comfortable."

And she said the toasty turf made the scene much easier to film.

She said: "It was great. There were no bugs. It wasn't all wet and damp and cold - it was warm and toasty."


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