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Ehle's praise for director Clooney

Jennifer Ehle has praised her Ides Of March director and co-star George Clooney as an "extraordinary leader".

The actress, who plays Clooney's wife in the political drama, had worked with the Up In The Air star in the past, but saw her role end up on the cutting room floor.

She explained: "I was in Michael Clayton and I was cut, so when I got this part, to play his wife in The Ides Of March, when I arrived on the set he said 'we figured we owed you'."

She continued: "He's very loyal and he's an extraordinary leader, it's wonderful to watch him run his own ship."

The Ides Of March, which debuted at the Venice Film Festival, also features Ryan Gosling, Paul Giamatti and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

The movie examines the double-dealing and betrayals at the heart of a US presidential campaign.


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