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Eisenberg: I went back to basics

Jesse Eisenberg has revealed how he shunned his showbiz lifestyle to prepare for his role in environmental drama Night Moves.

The How You See Me actor gave up his daily comforts as he worked for several months on an organic farm, lived in a yurt and worked in cabbage fields - an experience that helped him connect with his character's motives.

"It just gives you a different sense of living. When you are planting the food that you eat, you feel a direct sense with interacting with the world for practical reasons, and alternatively you are feeling disgusted by a lot of modernity just by being separate from it. That is what my character believes in," he said at the Venice Film Festival.

Jesse, Dakota Fanning and Peter Sarsgaard star in Kelly Reichardt's film as environmentalists who plot to blow up an Oregon dam to protest against environmental degradation.

"My character thinks of himself as a soldier in a war fighting what he views as modern society that's been co-opted by business and technology," he continued.

"I suppose there is a kind of irony if he is fighting to create a more beautiful, peaceful and sustainable environment, but doing it through kind of dangerous means. He views his acts as right and just, and he views the damage as collateral damage."

Dakota, who toured five African nations with former US President Bill Clinton's foundation, admitted she could understand the characters' frustration with general apathy in the face of environmental destruction.

"I think the three characters are all looking for that kind of connected feeling and this is their way of feeling plugged into the world, and plugged into the movement and activism," she said.

"I certainly have moments where I'm like, 'Am I the only person who feels this way?'"


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