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Eisenberg wins praise from director

Jesse Eisenberg is "the best", according to filmmaker Ruben Fleischer.

Having worked with the Hollywood star in Zombieland and his new film, 30 Minutes Or Less, the director admitted he feels "lucky" to have worked with him in his pre-Social Network days.

"Jesse's the best - honestly you can't ask for anything more in a collaborator. He's so talented, so generous, so modest, so unassuming and really just a terrific person to get to work with," he said at the Los Angeles premiere of the film.

Before the Oscar-nominated 28-year-old actor's profile rocketed with The Social Network, he starred in Ruben's comedy Zombieland alongside Emma Stone and Woody Harrelson, and the filmmaker joked about how he made the discovery.

"It's funny because we made this movie before he got nominated, before that movie even came out," continued Ruben.

"I knew how talented he was but I don't think everyone else did, so for me I felt like I got lucky working with him before the secret got out."

In action-comedy 30 Minutes Or Less, Jesse plays a pizza delivery man whose life spirals out of control after two criminals kidnap him and strap a bomb to his chest.


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