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Elba admits piloting was painful

Idris Elba has admitted piloting a giant robot in Pacific Rim was an amazing experience but a "painful" one.

The Luther star plays Stacker Pentecost in Guillermo del Toro's new action blockbuster, leading a team of pilots who power giant robots to battle monsters who are trying to take over the world.

Idris joked the simulators the director created for the robot pilots were so complicated he had to remember to act as well as power them.

He explained: "I did three days in the con pod, so I'm really not the one to speak! But I will tell you there is a process. You get helped into your armoured suit, you put a harness on, that straps you into this gimbal that moves at every single degree you can imagine.

"You're strapped in, you've got 50 tonnes of water splashing in your face, you've got fire, you've got steam, you've got, oh acting to do!

"And then you've got Guillermo on a microphone cracking jokes, and you're like 'Listen dude, now is not the time for your comedy routine!' but it was definitely an experience. It was an unbelievable experience, painful experience, but it was good."

Charlie Hunnam, who plays hero of the film Raleigh, described Guillermo as a "master filmmaker".

He said: "He understands every single element. He;s there grabbing a make-up brush from the make-up artist because he's worked in make-up before. He understands the way all of the prosthetics work, he understands the way the cameras and every single lens and what to use it for.

"I've never in my career come across someone who has such knowledge in every single department."


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