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Elgort, Dever take technology break

Ansel Elgort and Kaitlyn Dever have said that starring in Men, Women And Children has inspired them to take a break from their own phone and internet use.

The young actors star in the film about a group of teenagers and their parents navigating the ways in which the internet has changed how they communicate, and their characters end up making a personal connection that has little to do with technology.

Ansel admitted he had tried a phone fast himself recently: "I did five days where I turned my phone off. Eventually, the thing is that you have to have your phone a little bit.

"It's about moderation. Not having my phone at all was honestly a really nice feeling, and I ended up really spending time with the people in front of me, which was cool.

"You don't realise, but even if it is work and you have to work something out on your phone or you have to text, putting that phone away is great. If you're on vacation, you should really try it. You feel a lot lighter."

He continued: "With a phone, someone can reach you at any second, but without it, no one can reach you and if you're walking on a beach you're really free and alone, and that's a beautiful thing and something I think humans need a little bit."

Kaitlyn added: "Yeah, I do that at the dinner table with my family because I feel like you always have to have family time, and time with your friends. There's always moments in the day where I just put my phone down."

Men, Women And Children is in cinemas now.


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