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Elle had fun with feisty character

Elle Fanning has admitted she loved getting to tap into her meaner side in The Boxtrolls.

The 16-year-old voices feisty 11-year-old Winifred Portley-Rind in the animated fantasy-adventure, who she said is much different to the usual roles she plays and to most young girls in animated films.

Elle told Collider: "I love that. You look at her and you think, 'Oh, she looks so cute and sweet.' She has that little Shirley Temple look, but she's obsessed with these grotesque things - she loves blood - and I liked that opposite. That was fun to play.

"I feel like audiences at first probably won't want to like her because she's a little bratty and spoiled, but then she definitely grows on you and you realise she's not mean-spirited. She means well. She's feisty. She has an attitude. I respected her sass."

She added: "I liked playing that, because I had never really done that before. She is a very different character for me, so it was neat to exaggerate it."

The Maleficent actress also told how it was challenging doing a voice-over instead of acting on a set with other people.

"I was kind of scared at first to do that because when you're on set, a lot of the things going on around you - the environment and playing off other actors - that's what makes it easier and helps you to be in your character," she explained.

"So, realising you're not going to have that and you're going to be secluded in this booth, it's like, 'How am I going to be a character when I'm just in these walls?'

"The first time we did it, I was trying to use my face and my eyes more and really portray that emotion, and that didn't matter. I realised you have to bring that emotion into the way you sound, and all those different layers have to be in your voice instead of the way you are wrinkling your eyebrows or whatever. I had to learn how to do that."


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