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Ellen: Video game role moved me

Ellen Page has confessed she didn't understand how she could star in a video game when she was first approached for Beyond: Two Souls.

The Canadian film actress has just been announced as starring as protagonist Jodie Holmes in the computer game but she told USA Today she wasn't sure it was a job for an actress at first.

Ellen said when she was first offered the role, she couldn't "wrap my head around it, because I didn't understand what it meant to be in a video game".

But she said after reading game designer David Cage's script, she "was so moved by this young female protagonist, who was strong and complex and interesting, and a story that was profound and subversive and emotional."

In the game, to be released next year, Jodie will look, sound and move like Ellen, who performed the motion-capture. Since she was a young girl, Jodie has had a mental connection with a spiritual entity, Aiden.

Beyond: Two Souls will follow Jodie through 15 years of her life on a journey to discover what is the true meaning of Aiden and explore the question of life after death.

Ellen said: "David is telling stories by having these games with complex emotions and ethical and moral choices that lead to significant consequences. How an audience interacts with that, I think, is really interesting."


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