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Emily Blunt ‘careful’ after backlash at Trump citizenship joke

The British actress had to apologise after joking she regretted taking US citizenship.

Emily Blunt has said she has to take care when speaking publicly after a joke she made about Donald Trump led to a backlash.

The British actress joked she regretted taking US citizenship in 2015 after watching the now-President take part in a Republican debate.

After an uproar at her comments, Blunt was forced to apologise.

BAFTA Film Awards 2017 – Arrivals – London

She told ES Magazine: “I have to be really careful now. Certain subjects, I just can’t. Because I’m also someone who loathes getting in trouble. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loathed getting in trouble.”

She added: “It was a fairly innocuous joke because, you know, where I’m from we poke fun at our public figures.

“I think I wasn’t quite American enough to be able to say that.”

Blunt, who lives in the US with husband and fellow actor John Krasinki, did reveal she is against Brexit, labelling it “sad”.

“I’m really bummed about it. I just think that globalisation is here guys, come on.

“It is an interesting time in the world because it’s fragile, because it feels unsafe. It’s become this sort of each to their own mentality and you feel it. You feel people becoming more guarded, and more in the need to protect.”

Blunt stars in Krasinki’s upcoming horror film, A Quiet Place, and said they had “always wanted to work together”.

“When this came along I realised the concept was so much bigger than, ‘They’re a married couple’.

“We were nervous because we’ve always been the second-hand audience to the rehashing of what we might have gone through that day on set. And ultimately we really understand each other’s worlds because it’s the same world.”

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