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Emma inspired by Julia, not dad

Emma Roberts has revealed that her career has been more inspired by her aunt, Julia Roberts, than by her Oscar-nominated father.

Having been brought up by her mother, Kelly Cunningham, the 20-year-old actress was estranged from her father but did hang out on set with Julia.

"When I was a child I didn't really go and see him on his movie sets because he was doing a lot more adult movies. They were kind of inappropriate for me because I was a lot younger, whereas my aunt Julia was doing younger, more fun movies, so I would visit her more," the actress told the Daily Mirror.

The actor from The Dark Knight and The Expendables, Eric Roberts, has little contact with his daughter and Emma said previously that they "don't really talk. He lives here, but I don't really see him. I do follow him on Twitter, though, if that counts for anything."

But Emma loved visiting Julia on set and said that America's Sweetheart was her favourite but also that "Ocean's Eleven was really fun because it had all the cute boys in it".

Before she hit the big screen she got to see how all the different departments worked, thanks to Julia, and it gave her a taste of what her life would become.


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